About Us

Our History

The story of Eastern Rice Dumpling started more than 40 years ago, in a small kampong village in Katong. It was in this village where Mr Lim's grandmother learnt the recipe for the Nyonya Rice Dumpling from her neighbours. From then on, his grandmother instilled the importance of this tradition to her grandson, showing him the process of assembling these delicious rice parcels.

Hard Work

Mr Lim, now Eastern Rice Dumpling's managing director, remembers his humble beginnings as a primary school student wrapping dumplings for at least one and a half hours early in the morning before packing off to school.

This routine lasted right to the time he reached tertiary education, when he had to devote more time to his schoolwork. These wrapping sessions left Mr. Lim with frequent cuts on his fingers, due to the handling of the pandan leaves used to wrap the dumplings, and steam burns from preparing the rice.

Mr Lim still managed to excel in his education, despite this busy schedule, and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, he decided to use his educational training to the benefit of his family's business—Eastern Rice Dumpling.

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